Saturday, December 22, 2012

God in Schools

This idea that we have taken God out of schools has me somewhat baffled.  If I am a Christian, don't I believe that God is everywhere?  Doesn't God dwell within each of us and shine through our love for one another?

I worry that the real issue is that people want to be able to make a show of their version of God in schools.  This confuses me too.  Didn't Jesus tell his disciples to pray quietly and without show?  Yes, I believe He did, which means that Jesus most likely prefers that we not put on a show of our faith in schools (or anywhere else).

The party line I hear towed is that we need to return to the good old days (when God was allowed in schools).  First of all, those days of which many speak weren't all that good.  Well, I guess they were pretty special for white, Christian boys of affluence.  They were iffy at best, segregated institutions of racism, sexism, homophobia, materialism, and anti-everything-but-Christianity at worst, for everybody else (I like the way this blogger put it).  Secondly, nobody has removed God from anything.  That's just not possible, what with God being omnipotent and all.  Whether the person sitting next to your child at school attends before school prayer meetings or not does not impact God's presence in school.  Nor does it mean anything about that child's faith.  And you don't get to judge him for it. You don't get to touch the log in his eye.  Worry about your own. That's the rule.

I hear the tone with which I write and it does not thrill me.  I feel frustrated and somewhat alarmed when people insult the God I love by presuming that humans have control over where and when God is present.  The God in which I believe is always present -- even in modern day schools.


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