Monday, June 25, 2012

A Doctor/Hospital Themed Birthday

She, she who plans her birthday party at least a half a year in advance, announced to us last winter that this year's theme would be "Life in a Hospital".  She wanted to set up a hospital in our home, complete with triage, an ER, a surgical room, a cafeteria, and multiple patient rooms.  Along with her brother, she built a hospital computer out of an old keyboard, cardboard, and duct tape.  She gathered her hospital tools (surgical equipment, wheelchair, an IV pole, masks, etc.),

Underneath the blankets in the background sits her newly acquired, long
awaited wheelchair, for which she had an unveiling during the party.
requested some more supplies (emesis bowls, specimen cups,  etc.), 

and put still more on her birthday list (blood pressure cuff and x-rays).  

She assigned each guest a role, letting them know well ahead of time what was expected of them.  There were another doctor (her older sister),  a nurse, front desk people, patients, visitors, and one therapy dog (played by a child whose passion for becoming an animal rivals her own passion for medicine).  Despite eight years entrenched in my feminist views, she assigned the mothers to work in the cafeteria and the fathers to work security.  Sigh.

Using some ideas we borrowed from this medical party, we threw on a pot of chili to serve everyone for lunch and started decorating early that morning.

We set up drinks in specimen cups.

We bottled some cells (Pirate Booty).

We got the pills ready (jelly beans).

We jarred some cotton balls (marshmallows) and extra bones (cheese sticks).

And then there was this...

I'd suggested Baby Ruths instead of chocolate covered peanuts, but I was over ruled.  So was her brother's suggestion that we serve split pea soup from the emesis bowls.  Apparently, there's no laughter in medicine.

This was allowed, though, and it is very funny...

Jell-o organs are always funny.

At the last minute, her gift from my big sister's family arrived by mail so we happily added it to the table.

Then the magical cake arrived, hand-made by Annie at Motherhood and More.

The final effect was this...

There were hitches, of course, the first being that she awoke at 4:40 that morning in anticipation of the big day.  Secondly, she took her introversion as far as it could go...and then tossed it right over the cliff, resulting in some explosive moments.  Finally, while we sat down and processed exactly how she envisioned the party ahead of time, we did not include in that the post-party walk.  This flummoxed her.  More meltdowns.  My baby likes to know what to expect.  She also likes to stick to her plans, especially when they include medicine.  Apparently, there is no improvisation when it comes to medicine either.

Still, it was a joy to see her run from room to room in her white lab coat treating patients.  She did spinal surgery on one and then fit her for an apparatus to help her resume standing (from, naturally, cardboard and duct tape).  She treated the people who'd caught the flu going around the hospital.  She worked triage while her brother treated a trauma victim.  At one point, as she flew from Room 1 to surgery, I tried to imagine what she will be like if she is still be doing this on her 28th birthday.  Based upon what I saw today, if she does become a doctor, she will be mightily efficient, highly effective, and in need of some reminders as to how one treats the nurses and other staff.

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