Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unexpected Meditation (in the Midst of Muck)

The past few weeks have presented their share of difficulty and drama around here -- nothing insurmountable, I hope.  It's mostly "First World Problems", mostly other people's "First World Problems", proclaiming themselves far more important than all the things upon which I really want to focus, attempting to force their way into any space they can find.

Yesterday was particularly difficult.  And our schedule was packed to boot (with no relief in sight for the rest of the week).

A friend of mine took my son home from our day of classes and my girls, perhaps sensing the tension, forced a quick visit to the beach.  That combination of beach and my kids is magic in times like this.

Unexpected Meditation
by LakeMomMay 14, 2012

It was an irksome day, this
It needn't have been 
but for the windmills  
meant to dazzle and disorient

In the brief shadow of time 
between this meeting that 
my girls insisted 
upon sand and surf
And I relented
Schedule be damned

Wondering what it would be like 
to live somewhere in there
In the space where worries flit in and out 
but rarely reside,
I echoed their every move

They poured sand through their fingers
I followed, a baby discovering silk
They walked endlessly in search of 
a few precious stones
Never truly understanding 
how they discerned beauty from squalor,
I found my own 
Smooth and flat, sometimes pointed

Then they led me to the promised land
Two giant rocks each
One set firmly in the sand
Having dropped our stones nearby, 
gently we lay one on each distinguished rock
Sweetly, they posed together 
until my mentors further instructed
Slowly, I was to lift the other rock, the prouder one 
and pound the little stone to pieces

"Just try it, Mom. It'll sparkle," advised one
So I did
"It feels good too," shared the other
And it did

Thrashing rock against stone against rock
Every muscle pulsing
Eyes ablaze
Coming to 
to find the effervescent bits
Shining up at me from my hand

Unexpected meditation
Unplanned joy 
to erase somebody else's 
muck and mire

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