Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Trip to Walgreens

It must be a sight for onlookers, this ginger-haired, freckle-faced 7 year old standing in the first aid section of Walgreens, deliberating over medical supplies.

"Well, I want some gauze but we have plenty of gauze pads at home so I should probably get rolled gauze.  Of course, if I get rolled gauze, I am going to need some more netting.  Wait, don't we have more of that at home?  How I wish I had enough money to get a more stable splint.  My splints never last.  Walgreens doesn't really carry the kind of splint I need."

She screws up her face in its thinking position as she rummages through the medical tape.  "Do I want this one, this one, or that one with two in a package?"  She looks at the prices, torn.

"If I get the tape and the rolled gauze, I will go over my five dollars."

Inevitably, as almost always happens, her brother saunters over from aisle 3 with the car he plans to purchase with his five dollars, a gift, like his sister's, from our sweet neighbors.

"What's wrong?" he wonders.

"I don't have enough," his sister confides.

"Well," he responds, almost without thinking, "I actually have nine dollars saved up and this is only seven dollars so I can give you two."

Her face lights up until she realizes she is still a dollar short.  "I don't have enough for all the medical supplies I want," she says, curled bottom lip, the boo-boo face, in full force at this point.

How can a mother resist?  "I'll spot you the other dollar, sweetie.  You can do a chore for me at home to earn it."

Leaving the store, bag in hand, she reaches in a pulls out the receipt.  Her face lights up, "Mamma, look!  A coupon for two dollars off gauze pads and medical tape!"

All is right with the world.

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