Friday, February 10, 2012

Doctor Day III: My Daughter's Invented Holiday Lives On

It's that special time of the year again -- when hearts are in full bloom and everyone's bloods is pumping for that very special event on February 14th: Doctor Day!  You heard me: Doctor Day.

In our house, it is an institution (minus the year I did nothing for it and heard about that for an entire year).  It has been going on so long, having been invented by my youngest some 4 years ago, that she wistfully proclaimed today, "You know, Mamma.  This is just how I always want Doctor Day to be, with the snow and everything.  Yes, I like a white Doctor Day."

Really, can you blame her?  She created Doctor Day around the same time kids normally start to be aware that certain things happen every year.  For her, it is a permanent holiday-- as much as Christmas and Easter.  I never remind her of it, nor do I offer to do any preparations.  She tells me each year what her plans are and then asks for assistance in implementing them.

And so we spent today picking up supplies -- cherry flavored jelly bean hearts and fabric and yarn with which to tie them all up -- and making the cards to affix to the little candy bundles she will give to doctors at our local hospital -- the one where she was born 7 years ago.

"Mamma," she asked, a new air of maturity about her this year, "Should I wear my scrubs or my lab coat?  If I wear my scrubs then I can let the nurses know they are part of the day too."  This is a huge change from her well-child visit when she was 5 and the nurse, upon hearing she wanted to be a doctor, said, "You can also be a nurse!"

And my recalcitrant child replied crisply, "OR, I can be a DOCTOR!"

Here she is making what she calls her "business card".  She will affix them to the bundles of candy hearts with yarn.

Here is the card itself.

She actually used her real name on the card, but prefers her pseudonym here on her mother's blog.

Someday she is going to be doing rounds or attending a lecture or something.  Some Chief of Staff or Attending Doctor is going to tell her medical students about the kind-of-nerdy-in-a-good-way little girl who gave out candy each year for a holiday she'd invented called "Doctor Day".  

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