Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's a Gluten-free, Vegan Family to do for Christmas?

This will be our first Christmas where every member of the family is eating vegan (at home at least -- the kids aren't as choosy outside of the home when it comes to dairy and eggs).  We talked about it this morning and everyone said they have no problem leaving out a ham or turkey or any form of a ham or turkey (like those nasty Tofurkeys, et. al.).  Even my youngest agreed to this, she who has eaten ham maybe 5 times in her life, all at her Granma's house, but still recently blurted out to said Granma, "Well, I do miss ham!"***

Still, a meal of sides doesn't seem all that special for a holiday tradition.  Imagine the college essay:

1.  Describe a holiday tradition.
We serve the stuffing on our Normal Rockwell plate, the turkey painted there whited out and a plate of lima beans drawn in, of course.  Then we pass around the cranberry sauce and note how moist it is.  Next we share the gluten-free rolls, discs really, and muse about the dental work we will require after the holidays.  There's no butter, but we dip them into the mushroom gravy that we make just for that purpose.  It's a jolly old time.
Depressing.  And not at all inventive.   We are a far more creative people than that.

So this year we have decided that each member of the family gets to choose one dish, any dish, that they want to see appear on the Christmas table, which we will then sprinkle with a few traditional sides -- like cranberry sauce and sweet potato mash with brown sugar and pecans.

Here is the list of each person's request:

Mamma: A vegan version of Chilean Pastel de Choclo
Pappa: Portobello enchiladas with mole sauce
Eldest: Something Native American to be researched at the library later today****
Middle: My veggie loaf, made with falafel mix
Youngest: Tofu and veggie Pad Thai and a salad (yes, she got two choices, but that's because she wants salad with everything and we thought it cruel to make that her only choice)

For dessert, we are pondering some sort of pie, perhaps my Peanut Butter Cup Pie, and some gluten-free sugar cookies.

I'll let you know how it goes.  And if anyone revolts.  And is Santa decides to skip out house due to our dietary choices.

***Later, I asked her what she misses about ham and she responded, "That we eat it at Grama's house" -- so there you have it).

****The eldest has since decided to go straight to the real India -- her new request is curried lentils.


YMM Positive Outcomes said...

That's a lot of food for one meal! A real feast - do you share recipes - esp. for the enchilladas and the veggie loaf....?

LakeMom said...

It IS a lot of food, but my thought is that we will not have to cook for the week following Christmas. I will share recipes as I invent them. I have never written down the veggie loaf, but I am going to have to now that I know it is my son's favorite.

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