Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Field Trip to the Botanic Garden and Nectarine's Doubts

Nectarine questioned the educational benefits of a trip to the Botanic Garden.  This post's for him.***

First of all, there is joy.  Happy people have better brains.  That's what the good people at Discovery Health said anyway, so I believe it.

Next, dear Nectarine, there is beauty.  Beauty in nature makes us smarter -- I am just sure of it.  I have no links for this because all of my google searches led to the question "Would you rather be beautiful or intelligent?"  I had to stop searching lest I toss the computer across the room to dispense of all the virtual people who said they would rather be pretty than smart.  So you just have to believe me.

Thirdly, whether it is educational or not, a pile of gourds and squash and pumpkins is just plain fun.  C'mon, I see you trying not to smile.  You just can't help yourself when faced with such an ethereal conglomeration of Cucurbita goodness.

Plus...PLUS...there was a hay maze.  Maze equals math.  Math equals eduction.  There you go.

And were you still questioning the educational benefits of a trip to the Botanic Garden when you saw the Victoria Water Lilly that only blooms a total of 48 hours a year?  

And everybody (except maybe public schools) knows that exercise makes us smarter.  Here's a super academic study for you to peruse.  After all the running and jumping you did on our field trip to the Botanic Garden, you should be able to understand it.

Also, one must not be afraid to take risks.  We learn from the risks we take and the mistakes that might accompany them.  See how you are stepping on the rock, perilously close to falling over the steep waterfall, despite all the signs that clearly read "Stay on the Path"?  Would you have taken such a risk were we not at the Botanic Garden that day?  I think not.  Who knows how unenlightened you might be now had you not taken that risk?

Penultimately (look it up -- I bet you can now that you've had such an educational field trip), there was this cool passageway.  There has to be something mathematical in this, huh?  Look that up too.

Finally, what's better than intergenerational social interaction for intellectual stimulation?  I would have a picture of you interacting with your peers except you were too busy reading all the signs about horticulture and botany and Japanese gardens and such and comparing this experience to your journey to the Monet garden in France for me to get a good one.

No, you're right.  There's very little education benefit to a field trip to the Botanic Garden.

*** Obviously, this is tongue-in-cheek, just as Nectarine's original assertion that there is no educational benefit in a field trip to the Botanic Garden was meant to chide me.  The idea here, though, one that Nectarine knows well enough, is that life is learning.


HotNerd said...

"Life is Learning" -- lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

You should see him assert that there is no point to cleaning his room! Love, NectaMommy

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