Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Day in the Life: Peaceful Day of Homeschooling

October 11, 2011:

Nectarine spent the day today shadowing his mother, a professor of sociology at the local university.  Her text to me read, "Nectarine's passion today is to go to work with me."  I love it.  I cannot wait to hear about his adventures.

Here at home, we are having what might look like a lazy fall day on the surface.  Everybody is sort of doing their own thing, interspersed with a visit to physical therapy (mine) and the park.  If one digs a little deeper, however, one notes that Rhubarb practiced violin as soon as she awoke so that she would have the rest of the day to read.  She is reading a book called Restevek by Robert Jean-Cadet, a non-fiction tragedy with an inspirational ending about a child slave from Rhubarb's birth country of Haiti.  We were supposed to be reading the book together, but she said she could not wait.  Rhubarb never lounges with a book.  She sits upright, her back not leaning against anything, frequently with her legs crossed.  She reads this way for hours.  Her only breaks have been to play at the park and to do some work on time4learning, the online program she uses.  My guess is that she will have completed the book by nightfall, despite her karate class this evening.

Eggplant has alternated between his work on time4learning, which he loves, the occasional online car game, and hours at the piano.  He has composed about 6 pieces and learned (by ear) the same amount.  He also wrote some thank you notes for his birthday presents.

Blueberry has spent the entirety of the day planning her physical therapy clinic.  It is, she claims, how she will pay for medical school.  She has written a check-list of procedures, made signs to post, planned out protocol, practiced on herself, her brother, and me, and decided on a few good advertising strategies.  She also researched the greatest obstetrician in the world on wikipedia (in case you are interesting, there is no consensus on the greatest so she gave the title to her hero, Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female M.D. in America and a pioneer in hygiene).

It has been a relatively quiet day if you don't count Blueberry reciting every detail of her clinic.  It feels peaceful.  Everyone is content, including me, and little brain explosions are occurring everywhere.  I love getting out, going to classes, and taking field trips, but days like this are the hidden gems of homeschooling.

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