Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Field Trip: Science and Surplus Store

Approximately twice a year we get a little wacky and let the kids choose whatever they want (within limits) at our local and wonderful Science and Surplus Store.

What's that, you say?  You don't have a local science and surplus store?  Seriously, then, you need to either move to a city with a science and surplus store, plan a vacation to a city with a science and surplus store, or carve out a few hours to spend online at http://www.sciplus.com/index.cfm.

I am not all science-y and a visit to this store still manages to titillate even me.

Here's what happens when we go:

Rhubarb sticks with the art and craft supplies, though she sometimes ventures into archeology.  Last week, she got this pictured project, a hands-on example of an archeological dig.

Eggplant typically spends all of his time in what I like to call the tinkering section.  He surveys batteries and wires and engine parts and such.  Last week he bought the components of a simple battery-powered engine.  Though he is still experimenting with the engine, it motivated him to create a few motorized products recently...

This brings me to Blueberry.  She loves this store so much she wants to marry it.  Besides some test tubes, some apothecary bottles, and a chemistry set, she got the supplies to make a breathing machine and some (fake) blood for her IV stand.

Nectarine, a novice visitor to the Science and Surplus Store, got some magnets and iron fillings for his science project and, unrelated, some fake teeth.  Nectarine appreciates novelty.  At the Museum of Science and Industry, he bought a gigantic pen.  I am looking forward to the pen and the teeth making an appearance together at some point.

I got a set of poker chips for Tripoley, some base 10 math cubes and some shower caps to use for food preservation (instead of plastic wrap -- at 25 cents for 6, I had to get them.).  Where else might one find all these things in one place but at the Science and Surplus store?

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