Monday, September 12, 2011

Are You Still Worried About Socialization When...

Here's how things sometimes happen: one minute you're thinking how sad you are that it's going to be cold tomorrow and the next minute your son's a local hero.

Well, maybe not local in the most oft used sense of the world.  More so local in the literal sense, like within a 50 foot radius of one's current location.  And when I write hero, I mean it less like a firefighter running into a blazing building and more like a good citizen helping an elderly person cross the street.

See, we just couldn't sit inside and watch the last beautifully warm day of the season (barring a surprise and most welcome Indian summer).  That wouldn't have been right.  So we scrapped our morning schoolwork, donned our swimsuits one last glorious time, and went out to the beach to enjoy the Corona commercial going on outside our window.

While we were there, our friend M (a beach and dog-walking friend) called out, slightly hurriedly, to Eggplant for help.  I assumed she just needed him to help her carry her wind surfing gear to her car.  He was gone a while, though, so I went to check.

M's thumb was hanging from her hand in a less than connected sort of way.  I am nearly fainting as I write this.  She very cooly explained that she had sprained her wrist a month or so ago and that all of a sudden, as she was unloading her surfboard today, the thumb went limp.  Limp!  Like, it could have been a pendulum on a grandfather clock.  Worse actually: think Gumby.  She was sort of casually flipping it around to show the kids.  Holy buckets of Jell-o!  I think I'm going to hurl.

Anyway, apparently Eggplant had not just helped her carry her board back.  He had loaded all of her gear on top of her car and tied a bunch of secure knots, the likes of which he had not previously tied, to keep it there -- what with her hand no longer functioning in any capacity.

My hero.  Hers too.

M is currently on her way to the hospital, Eggplant (with Nectarine) is mixing glue and sand to begin the construction of a pyramid, and I am curled up in a corner in the fetal position, imagining all my various appendages suddenly detaching from their tendons.

Just another day in the life.


NectaMommy said...

Doesn't M know the proper person to call Blueberry? Did Nectarine see it? I can't wait to hear the story.

LakeMom said...

I think she needed strength just then. All the kids got a good look at said detached thumb. They were all shockingly calm about it. I nearly cried like a baby.

Motherhood and More said...

Awesome. :) Wish I could have seen your face.

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