Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prepping for Fall

I am trying to complete my thoughts on past teachers who have influenced me.

The problem is that everything in my life has been so deep lately.

So deep. I need a break from deep.

Want to know how I am planning for fall instead?

Okay. Cool.

I am trying desperately to find a computer-based elementary science curriculum for Blueberry that is not creationist.

There. I said it.

Do you know just how difficult it is to find a computer-based elementary science curriculum that is not creationist?

I am also in the throws of evaluating the kids to determine where they are in math right now -- like, literally, right now -- because it can change daily -- so that I can order the most appropriate materials.

And I am reviewing an entire all-subject curriculum based upon architecture, and specifically Chicago architecture, for my three elder pupils (which we will do together while the youngest is busy doing science on a computer-based elementary science curriculum that is not creationist).

I am also trying to line up their classes, like art and dance and music and and karate and theatre and such.

Plus I am planning for the two Spanish classes I teach.

And assisting in the development of a once weekly homeschool academy and a history co-op.

Plus I have to feed these people -- a lot -- like more than thrice a day.

And I need to get in whatever precious final beach moments I can find.

Damn. Maybe I should have stuck with deep topics. I don't like seeing it all written out on the page like this. I feel like it's stalking me.

I have to go now and find some computer-based elementary science curriculum that is not creationist.

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Cassandra Whetstone said...

Found your blog through a post you made on Homeschool Movie Club. Wanted to mention we are doing a Whales Unit Study published by Intellego. It's not computer driven but it's lessons are PDF with lots of links. So far we have been really impressed. The science is much meatier than had anticipated. It also ties in with the Dolphin Tale movie. :) Really enjoyed your blog post about the screening, BTW.
Best wishes,

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