Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eureka! Some Science!

Perhaps you've heard of my quest to find a computer-based elementary science curriculum that is not creationist?

I don't know if it's because I typed it a gazillion times last night or what, but a fantastic blog posting appeared in my facebook feed this morning. Though the sites offered will not magically morph into a nice, tidy linear curriculum for my science-obsessed sever year old, they will give her hours of exactly the sort of science she wants to study -- once I put in the work to sort them all out.

The blog, however, called Marc and Angel Hack Life, did not stop at science. The posting lists websites one can peruse to educate oneself or one's children on everything from science to math to law and beyond.

(Where else can you find the link for Harvard Medical School's Lecture on Neonatal Medicine for one child and then jump over to the link for National Novel Writing Month for another child?)

It is a treasure trove, a goldmine, a bubbly oasis of pedagogical refreshment in a curriculum desert.

I highly recommend it.

Go here. Now. Go here now.

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