Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Ramblings

This June reminds me of the one seven years ago when I was quite pregnant and it was quite hot and I ate nothing but watermelon until my blessed baby girl came along.

I am writing this at 7:16 in the evening.  It is 90 degrees out.  Ouch.

Does anybody else think cooked food is disgusting on a day like this?  I made quesadillas for the kids today and thought I might get heat stroke just from watching them eat.

Still, we managed to get in a short trip to the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, IL to check out their monolithic dome.  It's really quite lovely if you are ever in the area.  We all agreed that we would like to see the one in India as well.  It reminds us of the Sydney Opera House in Australia -- not that any of us have ever been to Australia.  But we are learning so much about cool architecture these days that it feels that way.

We also all agreed that it would be cool if the Bahá'ís built a temple with a geodesic dome since each temple has a dome of some sort.  I'll suggest that to my Bahá'í friends and have them call their people.

I shall conclude my heat-induced ramblings by offering a few goodies we are anticipating this summer, in chronological order:

1.  Of course, there is the presence of Nectarine.
2.  Our friend S, a teacher who loves us anyway, will be visiting this month.  We heart her.
3.  Our close family friends will be moving from 65 minutes away to about 50 minutes away (that's 30 minutes saved); the most exciting part is that they will be in a sort of country environment -- so we will have our beach home and their country home.
4.  Our friend N will be visiting in late July.  I have known her and her family since she was four years old.  She is heading to seminary (at my alma mater) in the fall.  I shall have to provide her with a few tips -- like make sure to schedule your poker nights on Tuesdays because you can usually sleep in on Wednesdays and then rush to chapel in pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap.
5.  My mother and my little sister will be visiting in August (let's face it -- no offense to numbers 1-4, but that's the big one -- what with our last visit occurring 22 years ago and all).

Finally, I am working on a novel and hope to give it extra attention this summer.  So you might find my blog postings to occur with a bit less frequency.  How many pictures of my kids on the beach can one person really view anyway?

Here's one just in case:

And here's one of my four learners drawing the Bahá'í Temple:

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afarmreport said...

Please let us know about your novel!!!!! If you need proof readers - I volunteer!

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