Friday, June 3, 2011

Something Deep and Something Fun

It's Friday.  I'm in a funky mood.  So I offer something to get you thinking, followed by something to get you laughing.

First, a school superintendent in Michigan wrote a letter requesting that his school be turned into a prison since prisons are better funded than schools.  It provides a provocative glance at our thinking on both our educational system and our correctional system.  You can find the letter here.

Now then, how about something fun:

When Blueberry was a baby, she was hospitalized a few times for pneumonia (that's not the fun part).  I, of course, stayed in the hospital with her.  Not having a TV at the time, I had never seen the Ellen Degeneres Show.  So each time we were in the hospital, I would watch the show while Blueberry slept.  Unfortunately, I would end up laughing so hard that I would wake her up -- also not the fun part.

Anyhow, occasionally, when I feel blue or need a little pick-me-up, I get online and find clips of Ellen's show because it never fails to make me laugh.

Today I bring you a compilation of some of the pranks she pulls on camera. May it bring joy to your Friday -- that's the fun part.

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