Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our First Day With Nectarine

Our new homeschooling fantastical, the formidable Nectarine, joined us for the first time today.  He'll be coming part-time throughout the summer.  Now I'm contractually obligated to say that my own kids are my favorite students, but this little guy is inching his way in.  He is whip smart, has a hilariously dry sense of humor, and is happy to learn.

Today, he joined us for our grocery shopping expedition.  Typically, each child gets a job.  Rhubarb likes to handle the list, adding and crossing things off as necessary.  Eggplant prefers the heavy lifting and the always exciting, never straight, pushing of the cart, and Blueberry has an affinity for yelling out the prices of each item I put in the cart (Did I say yelling?  I mean screaming.).  Nectarine was my budget keeper.  He tallied up my purchases as we went, making sure I stayed under budget (I didn't -- not his fault).  Though he used a calculator, he had to figure out all of the sub-equations on his own: "Mamma is getting three and $2.59 a pound," screams Blueberry.  Nectarine did the initial math in his head and then added the total for three pounds.  He came within $2.50 of the official total.  Pretty impressive.

At home, we discussed Nectarine's goals for the summer.  Mainly, he wants to write stories.  He is also interested in architecture and skateboarding.  He spent much of the morning writing down ideas for short stories, ranking them in order of interest, and then tackling his first choice.  The result was pretty creative.  He is a witty author.  I actually laughed out loud at one of the lines in his story.

(While Nectarine was working on his story, Rhubarb and Eggplant were catching up on spelling, which is not a strength of theirs.  Because they are now more ready to absorb the ridiculous American rules of spelling, though, they are working through several levels this summer.  Meanwhile, Blueberry was reading and doing time4learning.com.)

Together, using the information on this site, we learned about domes, particularly of the geodesic nature, and then went on to create several of our own out of toothpicks and clay.  This activity provided several building challenges, but the kids pushed through.  We will re-visit the domes tomorrow and try to improve upon our initial mistakes.

We ended our day with a long playdate at the beach.

Initial attempts didn't quite make a geodesic dome,
but they gave us lots of food for thought.


Necta-mommy said...

Nectarine had a great time and came home bubbly wanting to talk about everything. Most interesting thing that is different from "school-school"? WE DON'T WEAR SHOES!!

Necta-mommy feels good about school for the first time in a long time.

LakeMom said...

I love that he was excited about the shoes! o glad it went well for him. We all had a great time today too.

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