Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homeschool Beach Day Returns

Homeschool Beach Day has begun for the season.  It's truly my favorite homeschooling group activity and we all miss it dearly when it is too cold to continue.

Homeschoolers of every ilk (and there are many ilks from which to choose) start trickling into the beach sometime in the afternoon, once a week.  Some have older children; some have younger children; some have children spanning from baby to adult; heck, some don't even have children they are technically still homeschooling at all -- they just like beach day.

Parents chat while kids of all ages run and swim, freedom coursing through their veins.  At any given moment, idyllic little interactions occur: a nine year old pulling a four year old on a sled through the water, a group of teenagers welcoming three seven year olds to walk over to the rocks together; one child dousing another with an entire bucket of sand; several kids of various ages striking up a game of water tag with beach friends, children who they don't know from the local schools, but with whom they connect immediately on the beach each summer.

Sure, there are some snafus.  Today's opener was thwarted after only two hours by what appeared to be threatening thunder and lightening (it turned out to be a tease).  We are at the mercy of e-coli counts and rules that lifeguards have to enforce.  Sometimes, the stars fail to align and nobody shows up.   Last year, the teenage count was low.   Occasionally, kids bicker and fight.

For the most part, though, it is a delightful part of our week.  Because, really, who can be tense or irritated or bored at the beach?  Seriously, who?

A sweet moment at a Beach Day:
My eldest and a friend's youngest

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