Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some New Things We Are Trying

We tried two new things yesterday and, like all new things we try, they went quite smoothly.  However, also like all new things we try, only time will tell if these are keepers or not.   I do find that my mookies enjoy keeping me on my toes, expressing great delight in something new one day and then scorning the very essence of that same idea the next.  It is my one and only explanation for the grey on top.  Well, that and whining.  But that's it.  Fickleness and whining are causing my grey.  And bickering.  Those three things.  Fickleness, whining, and bickering are fertilizing my grey.  Just those things.  Maybe missing the toilet.  So, fickleness, whining, bickering, and missing the toilet seat are turning me grey.  And...

Nope!  That could go on for days.

Here are the new things we're trying:

1.  Instead of us planning our learning schedule daily, we plan it weekly.

Saturday night, after discussing what we want to work on this week, I created folders for each child containing all their work for the entire week.  This was different for each child, of course, and excluded music (practicing instruments), their pleasure reading, and all the topics that directly involve me (like our current reading together of the children's version of The Iliad, Spanish, Krey√≤l, history, etc.).

The idea is to allow each child to work at their own pace and to create their own schedule, in hopes that they continue to cultivate self-discipline.  It also frees me up to work on more of my own activities throughout the day.  While they work on their folder, I am available should they need me for help, but am also able to get other things done.

2.  We set aside time to listen to classics on CD.

Both of the older kids are reading fiends.  This is only a problem in that they have been struggling with their desire to read and their desires to pursue some of their other passions.  I have noticed that Eggplant, for example, has been drawing less since diving head first into the entire Oz series.  So I suggested that we get some of the books we all want to read on CDs from the library and listen together while doing our own thing.  Our first choice was Peter Pan.  Yesterday, while Rhubarb crocheted, Eggplant and Blueberry drew, and I cleaned the kitchen (Tomorrow, I plan to knit), we polished off 4 chapters of the book.

It provided some pleasant quiet time together as well.  Win-win.

I'll let you know later in the week how much of this is sticking.  Fingers crossed.

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Lori said...

what a wonderful way to keep in touch, I don't feel so far away

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