Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peers in Homeschooling

This is the earliest picture I have of my youngest and her BFF, back when Dolittle, as her mother's blog calls her, could not crawl so Blueberry would steal toys right out of her hands and scoot off.

Blueberry is the one in front, probably having just escaped a heist.

This is another early picture.

Dolittle is laughing and Blueberry, already with her mad scientist hair, is looking terrified because they both know that as soon as Dolittle can walk, she is going to get her revenge for all those stolen toys.

This is a picture of the girls taken today, about five and a half years after that first one:

Here is an early picture of Rhubarb and her BFF, Dolittle's big sister, The Muse:

They are about four in this picture, which is how old they were when they met.

Here is another:

I love pictures of people's backs.  I don't know why.  Doesn't this one tell a story, though?  It says that the Muse is getting tired and Rhubarb is pulling her along.

From the day they met, these two have had a system: The Muse is the idea person and Rhubarb is the action person.  The Muse comes up with the plans and Rhubarb executes those plans.  The Muse thinks while Rhubarb works.  It is symbiotic.

Here is a picture of them taken today:

The Muse really is the same age as Rhubarb; she just hasn't grown as quickly.  When they walk hand-in-hand, it looks like a teenager is baby-sitting a seven year old.

These pictures make me so happy.


They've stuck with it through several moves and us living an hour apart.  We still get together several times a month.

It's one of the benefits of homeschooling.  They can potentially have the same core group of friends and classmates throughout their entire childhoods -- even when they don't live in the same neighborhood.

And playdates are not dictated by class schedules.  In two weeks, our playdate will last 4 days.

It took her a while, but The Muse and Dolittle's mom even gave Sevvy a boy:

It's another beautiful thing about homeschooling: Your peers come in all ages.

Here they are more recently:

The Little Man looks up to Eggplant.  Eggplant can't get enough of him.

It's a lovely way to learn.

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Motherhood and More said...

Wow, your friend's kids are just adorable. :) Seriously, though, what a fun trip down memory lane! The girls loved seeing these pics.

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