Friday, April 29, 2011

Woolens and Worms

Yesterday was the second*** happiest day of my year.  It was also the day each year when I feel most like a farm girl.  That's right people.  It was the washing of the woolens and the warming of the worms!  Given our recent weather, some might consider my timing risky.  But, I don't care.  I cannot wear wool in May and those sweet worms have been sitting in our living room far too long!

Now, I am a California girl by origin and so I understand that those who do not live in areas with distinctly frigid winters do not quite grasp the significance of this day.  Trust me!  It's big.  For me, it's even more special because it is the time of year when I bid adieu to all the works of art I have created through the years to keep us warm.  It's not a sad farewell.  I am happy to see them go for a bit.  It does bring the potential for tears, though, when I realize how many of the pretty little pieces have been lost during the season by my careless little children.  To date, they have lost six-and-a-half pairs of mitten, four hats, and one poncho.  And yet, I still knit for the little punks.  Go figure.

Regarding the worms -- well, they spend spring through summer on the patio, happily pooing out mulch for our container garden.  They winter in the heated garage, where we pretty much neglect them, allowing them to procreate in privacy, until March -- when we realize we should probably check in on them.  Then they come into the house so that we feed them a new batch of scraps.  Now that they are reviving their spring defecation, it's time to add more newspapers to keep them cozy until summer.

It's kind of fun to feel (minimally, at best) like a farm girl for a day.  Now I am ready to usher in the season when I get to feel like a pseudo-surfer girl!  Come on summer!  Come on!

***The first happiest day is the one when we bring out all the beach stuff.

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