Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Big Date With My Wee One

Blueberry and I had a lovely date today.  It started like this

and this.

It then progressed to this

and this,

culminating in this.

I confess that I was a bit worried going in because of the Dorothy Hamill debacle of '78 when I got my long, wavy locks cut short to mimic said Olympic ice skater (you'll note I was two years behind the trend) and ended up looking like a cross between Mr. Kotter and a very anachronistic Huey Lewis

Here's a pictorial re-cap.

I started out looking like this.

My goal was to look like this.

I ended up looking more like this

combined with this.

The effect on my particular head being this

(And that was after blow-drying it straight
for a good hour for picture day.)

My youngest, however, either scored some recessive hair genes OR she hasn't reached the awkward hair age yet (I was 10) OR her hairdresser was a wiz with the blow dryer today.  We shall find out after her first wash.

In any event, she turned out as cute as a circa 1930's button and ended our afternoon with a big hug, kiss, and "Thank you Mamma for our date".    I swoon.  I really do.  I just love getting one-on-one time with my babies.

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Motherhood and More said...

Cute!! And LOL! And she looks about 12 years old in that first picture. Zoiks!

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