Friday, April 1, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

So it's time I finally confess: we've decided to send our kids to school.

April Fools!

Grandma and Granpa Some of you probably got all excited until reading the fine print there.  Sorry guys.

Actually, I am pregnant!

April Fools!

The truth is that we're moving to Alaska.

April Fools!

Ah heck... I used to be so good at April Fools jokes.  In fact, I used that second one several years in a row on HotNerd and it always got him.  But, you know, once your eggs, I mean, once YOU hit a certain age, it's maybe not so funny anymore.

I could tell the kids we're moving to Alaska, but they are already terrified of Sarah Palin.

And if I told them the first one, there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth (I don't bad-mouth schools -- really -- their schooled friends from the beach and church and choir and dance do).

One year, we did this to Eggplant's hair.

But now he cuts his own hair.

So, we have a few amateurish and slightly lame tricks we'll implement and hope they are still young enough to find them funny.

First, for breakfast, instead of toast, they will be getting sliced angel food cake in the shape of bread.

Then, for dinner, they will be getting what looks like meatloaf, but is really rice cereal treats, and what looks like a cupcake, but is really meatloaf (or bean loaf).

We got the ideas from Family Fun Magazine.

We thought about turning the entire dining room upside down or switching the dining room and the living room, but we are tired from all this parenting.  Instead, they get semi-strange foods.

And we might toilet paper their chairs.

And wear our bathing suits first thing in the morning.

If you've got something better, please share.  If not, welcome to parenting.  It leaves you with little to no energy.  But it's totally worth it.

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