Thursday, April 7, 2011

How We Spend Some of Our Time

It is spring break for the local schools, meaning several of our regular classes and activities are also on spring break.  I thought I'd share a bit of how our week looks anyhow...

There was a tea party.

(There was not, it seems, any bedroom cleaning.)

There was some building of motorized cars.

There was a little copy work -- Tom Sawyer for an hour and a half to be exact and, I'm not making this up, it was her idea. 

There was a library visit resulting in the checking out of so many books that Blueberry made a scarf from the receipt.

There was this artistic representation of how Eggplant envisions our church in the future.  The buildings with all the windows, he tells me, are all shelters to expand the one currently in our church basement.  He drew this during a concert of Hayden's Creation, meaning that there was a concert of Hayden's Creation.

There was also a concert of a Haitian group called Boukman Eksperyans (but since photography was not allowed, all we got was this picture of the empty stage).

There was some reading and writing and drawing about Mother Teresa, who sauntered in as a topic of interest while we were discussing various humanitarians and then ended up being the number one subject of library books.

There was the creation of a working fan.

There was some walking and apparently, judging by those flood-ready pants, some growing.

There were a bit of addition, a dash or so of multiplication, several doses of science, a few helpings of art and art classes, a taste of computer programming, a sprinkling of biking, several cups of violin and piano, and 6-course meal's worth of reading (but I don't actually have the camera out for everything).

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