Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blogurday 5: Green Parent Chicago

It's not easy being green -- while parenting.

I don't always succeed, but I try.  We cloth diapered.  We never ever bought one single teeny tiny wasteful jar of babyfood.  We have always used cloth napkins, bike 80% of the time during the summer, clean with baking soda and vinegar, and even wrap presents in homemade Furoshiki, Japanese wrapping cloths.

Still, there are many a day when I need somebody to slap me upside the head with Al Gore's hiking boot -- like when I can't stand the thought of washing one more reusable snack container and throw the nuts and raisins into a plastic baggie, knowing full well that the raisins render the baggie practically unwashable.  Or when I leave the water running in the sink to get it warm enough to wash my face so I don't have to weather the frigid water of January pipes.

On days such as these, I like to renew my commitment to a green life by visiting the blog Green Parent Chicago.

Christine Escobar, the lead writer of Green Parent Chicago, has quite the resume upon which to stand.  Besides graduating in journalism from Columbia College in Chicago, she has written for the Huffington Post and AlterNet, among others.

Credentials aside, what I really appreciate about Green Parent Chicago is the plethora of information regarding local green events -- like the Chicago Kidical Mass monthly family bike ride (Who knew?) and the Green Metropolis Fair (Hurry!  It's today).

It's also fun to follow the story of how Christine and her family got rid of their car last year.  She still manages to live a full life without one AND homeschools her kids -- who get plenty of social time with their friends and peers.

The blog is great for locals and non-locals alike.  There is plenty to read even if you can't attend events in Chicago -- like this helpful post on more simple, earth-friendly holidays or this clever post on creating a home-museum from recycled containers.

Finally, if you are pressed for time and just looking for a taste of the blog, check out the Ask The Green Mama section.  It has a ton of great advice just in time for celebrating Earth Day next Friday!

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