Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blogger Browses Blogs

I've been having some fun reading blogs I don't normally read lately, some because I found them while researching ideas and others because they are curiously far from anything I would normally read.  Those in the former category have been moved to my bookmarks for further reading.  They are genuinely thought provoking and helpful -- and sometimes just plain interesting.

Those in the latter category are a bit of a voyeuristic retreat, like when I read Amish Romances while staying in Haiti trying to bring my two eldest kids home (you read that right  -- Amish Romances).  I am just so completely shocked that such a thing exists.  And yet, there it is -- in the printed word even.

Here's an easy one, all about neuroplasticity, connected to the store Marbles: The Brain Store.

Here is one called pigtail pals with the tagline, "Let's redefine the way we think about our girls."

Here is a Canadian parenting site -- you know, because they do things a little differently there.

Here is one called Promoting Beautiful Womanhood by the Ladies Against Feminism.  It's all about re-capturing the beauty of patriarchy (I just spewed tea out of my nose).

Here's one about sociology for the armchair sociologist.

This one is an entire blog devoted to cycling, to get us all ready for spring.

Here is the blog by the writers of Freakonomincs, for those who love to watch trends and challenge assumptions.

This is a blog devoted to putting weird things in coffee.  Seriously.

Finally, here is an entire blog about hoaxes throughout history.  It's the hoaxes that get me, not that there is such a blog as this.

I would love to hear your opinions on some of these.  I would also appreciate links to other interesting blogs.

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