Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools Day Redux

April Fool's Day came and went.  Aside from a fallen angel food cake (pun intended) that did not at all fool the kids into thinking it was toast (such is the plight of gluten-free angel food cake in a household of heretics), our others tricks were pretty successful.

Here is the rice cereal treat loaf.

I think the reason this one worked so well is that my mookies are used to the bean loaf creations I whip up for the vegetarians in the family that typically involve gluten-free cereal instead of breadcrumbs.  Plus, I am aparently a master at pretending something is hot, even when it is not (ACTING!).   We could have made the joke last longer had HotNerd not suffered a major lapse in judgement by putting the loaf in the refrigerator.  Have you ever tried to cut cold rice cereal treats?  Even my kids didn't believe one of my bean creations could be THAT hard.

The best part of the loaf joke was their reactions when they realized they were getting dessert for dinner.

After dinner, we brought out dessert, the meatloaf cupcakes.

These beauties had them fooled until the first bite.  Unfortunately, the cupcakes were so realistic that my youngest was quite disappointed to learn we were indeed not eating ONLY dessert for dinner.  Should you try this at home, you might want to prepare for the disappointment.  It quickly subsided, however, when she took her first bite.

Then they all thought it was hilarious.  And really, biting into something you think is cake and tasting meatloaf and mashed potatoes is pretty hilarious.

The best shot I got.  I might need a new camera.
What do you think?

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revizmomma said...

great ideas!! I thought about doing something similar, but whenever we do anything different with meals, we end up with tears from one of the kids & I wasn't going to do that on purpose to him :) maybe next year or the year after...

I did show them the video for Gmail Motion & they were totally fooled

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