Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Photographic Essay on a Passion for Medicine

Amazingly, all three of my children have distinct, tangible, clear passions that drive them (preventing me from having to wade through more vague obsessions to find the source of passion -- thank you kids).  Rhubarb favors the physical -- anything from handi-crafts to running to performing arts -- and literature.  Eggplant is obsessed with all things related to mechanics and building.   Blueberry?  Well, she announced at two years old that she would be a doctor someday and she has never strayed from that proclamation.

Today, I am focussing on a photographic tour of Blueberry's obsession:

An early microscope

studying the heart at the body exhibit
at the Museum of Science and Industry

teaching classmates (homeschool science) how to listen to a heartbeat

with her baby Annie CPR doll

hooking her adult Annie CPR doll up to an
IV and oxygen mask

adult Annie was really sick

Red Cross gift bags to give out, with medical supplies,
as goody bags on her birthday

after opening her first real microscope 
the t-shirt she designed

playing in a heart
at the Children's Museum in Wisconsin

examining bacteria

with the science tutor, "M", pre-med student
at the university's Halloween science show

preparing to suture a chicken

wounding the chicken

suturing the chicken

tying off the sutures

giving a shot to an orange

baby Annie in the PICU

helping remove the 2 sutures I had on my nose

putting a cast on a banana

her favorite catalogs

taking Annie, the CPR doll, for a stroll

the book she brought to peruse in the car

Here are some more posts about Blueberry's passions for medicine and science:

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Motherhood and More said...

Awesome. It's so fun to see it all lined up like that. My favorite is the one where she's holding "The Heart" book. Just awesome.

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