Thursday, March 31, 2011

Locavore FAIL!

I SO want to be a locavore.  I really do.  It's probably just better all around -- for local farmers, locally owned businesses, for the environment, and our health.  But when I walked into the big box store (that proves how badly I am failing at this goal) and saw strawberries the size of my face -- in MARCH -- I just couldn't resist.  I'm sure they have travelled ridiculously far to get here.  I am betting they are a few days old.  I can say for certain that I have never nor will ever meet the farmer (if one even exists) who grew them.

But they were so good.

They turned dinner into this

That's a roasted potato with a little sheep cheese (this plate belonged to my daughter with Celiac who cannot eat cow dairy), brussel sprouts, and strawberries.  It is my favorite kind of meal -- just a bunch of fruit and veggie sides.  

But, alas, and this is where you can start to forgive me for my environmentally errant ways, I live without my favorite meal from November to April or May.  When I saw those strawberries just sitting there, eyeing me, I snatched them up, ran quickly to the nearest checker, and rushed home to wash and eat as many as our family of five could consume.

It made us believe that warm weather is coming.  It gave us hope.

What it failed to give us, however, is strawberries for tomorrow.

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