Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How the Key Snafu Saved the Day

Something happens to us in March.  Our withered, frozen souls ache from within, beckoning us to hold them to the light, dangle them under some source of heat.

But we can't.  Not yet.  It's only March in the mid-west; both we mere humans and the regal sun are equally lethargic.  Any semblance of relief is still 4-8 weeks away.  So instead we write and say overly dramatic things (e.g. this), we indulge in far too much sedentary entertainment and we lose ourselves in vats of chocolate and cheese.

There's a reason they call it March Madness (or is that a basketball reference?).

Today, for example, upon learning that HotNerd had accidentally taken both sets of car keys to work, we panicked.  How will we get to our classes?  How will I get in a work-out?  Taxi?  Friends with mega-vans?  Hitchhiking?  What ever will we do?

And then, in a moment of unexpected clarity, I remembered that we spend our warmer months walking wherever we go and taking marathon bike rides.  Wasn't it just a few short months ago that have seemed like  fric-fracing eternity that we marveled at how little gas we were putting in our car?  So, I suggested we walk to our first class and take the train to the class further away.  Or, apparently I said, according to my kids' reactions, that we would just have to strip down naked, pour boiling tar over our bodies, roll around in some corn meal, and then do cartwheels in the frozen lake.

We did it anyway.  We walked in 34 degrees about 12 blocks to the first class.  We stopped to play with some of our regular summertime lakefront friends, like Myrtle, the dog with a mad crush on Eggplant.  

Then we took the train to our second class.  We arrived so early to that one that the kids wanted to play OUTSIDE on the playground a while.  It turned out to be a delightful day.  The walk, the time outdoors, the foretaste of spring invigorated each of us, reminding us that we are indeed outdoor people who actually love this stuff (and that we live in a big city, replete with public transportation).

Plus, I got in my work-out.

Viva la key snafu!

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