Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day in the Life (And I Purposely Chose a Great One to Make Us Look Good)

We started yesterday with Blueberry's science tutor, Margaret, PMS (pre-med student -- and I just can't laugh enough over the initials for a pre-med student).  Blueberry pricked my finger... again.

My blood sugar was normal in case you are wondering.   And Blueberry needs to stop smiling when she gets to draw her mother's blood.

She also made a kiki cast on her own arm.

She seems to favor emergency medicine.

Rhubarb, Eggplant, and I read a few websites on the early farmers in the Fertile Crescent of Egypt and the Sumerians .  We are studying the history of tools and architecture with Eggplant as he ventures through the Lego Curriculum and the history of textiles with Rhubarb as she learns to weave.    This led to Eggplant creating a Lego model of an ancient city-state on the Nile, complete with a Shaduf for irrigation. 

I would have a lovely picture of his model for you were it not for his propensity to cannibalize everything he makes within minutes to create new projects (he's all about the process).

Rhubarb decided to create a clay tablet with the cuneiform writing used in Mesopotamia 3000 years ago.

Rhubarb would have done very well in ancient Mesopotamia.  She is a very hard worker.

After lunch, it being a balmy 42 degrees, we took a family walk along the lake (HotNerd worked from home today so he ate at his desk and walked with us).

When I say "along the lakefront", I kind of mean ON the lakefront.

The rest of the day was all about reading, meals, some cleaning, more reading, instruments, a little more reading, and then some reading, weaving, and knitting.

There were some bickering, a few broken items (not mentioning any names, but HE thought it a great idea to bring home a stick bigger than HIMSELF and knocked it against some walls, shattering a few candles in his wake), a childhood peccadillo (again, no names, but HE knows who HE is), and some more messes -- but all in all, it was a pretty fantastic day.

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