Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blogurday 4: Motherhood and More

Drawing by C. Aaron Kreader
We met when our youngest daughters were 4 months old and our eldest daughters were 4 years old.  She was there when hourly night nursing made me want to pack it all up and move to Finland, reminding me that even mothers who sleep feel that way.  And when I went through a long stretch of anxiety.  And weight gain and weight loss and weight gain again and more weight loss.  Long hair.  Short hair.  Awkwardly growing hair.  She's been there.

I was there when her eldest (then 7) screamed for what seemed like three days because she was "the shortest person in the car" and she had a major mom melt-down and when her youngest daughter fell down a flight of stairs before she was a year old. When I walked out of my room after engaging in a rather tyrannical diatribe with my eldest (also 7 then -- our eldest daughters were not always pleasant when they were 7, and by extension, neither were we) she kept me grounded, admonishing me cheekily with, "Wow.  That was quite some lecture you just gave."  She's made me laugh through several surgeries.  I made her laugh through labor, a task at which she excels incidentally, and then got to witness her BoyWonder make his way into the world.

A-funk.  That's what I call her.  She calls me P-diddles.  We nursed together.  We homeschool together.  We hang out on the beach together.  If we combined our "girls", we would make a perfect D-cup.  She's also my personal googler (something I've never quite mastered).  Our kids -- well they have been omnipresent throughout our relationship so we had to develop a system that allows for parenting redux while they are in the room.  You can read about that on her blog here.

Our husbands bond over Legos and other nerdy endeavors.  They introduced us to Flight of the Conchords and Battlestar Galactica and we introduced them to Gilmore Girls. She's still disappointed that I have yet to watch The Lord of the Rings without knitting (and on a larger than 10" by 10" screen) and I still question her poor judgement over one of the best books ever written, Love in the Time of Cholera (but I'm not bitter).

And now we blog together, but separately.  We started our blogs at the same time, lost steam on our blogs at the same time, and then reinvigorated our blogs at the same time.  We're kind of copy cats that way.

Her blog is chock full of eye-candy, from her impossibly cute and snuggly baby boy (the one I helped giggle into the world) to her blue-eyed beauties (among Rhubarb and Blueberry's BFFs) to actual candy (the woman downs so much chocolate that she should, but doesn't, weight 300 lbs.).  She also writes beautiful, thought-provoking pieces, like "10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Motherhood" and "Birthday Thoughts".  Sometimes, she rants in a good way, the kid of rant that makes you really ponder the topic, like "Spoil Your Kids, Please" and "Stop Kowtowing to the Caveman".  And she is really funny to boot, like when she can't pronounce Herman's Hermits and when her son turned blue.

I wish everyone could meet A-funk personally, but she does have a bit of a life of her own.  You can meet her virtually, though, on her blog "Motherhood and More".

And if you ever do meet her in person, ask her to show you her abs (she loves that).  They are as beautiful (after 3 really chunky kids) as her heart.

Our eldest girls, mirroring our friendship
Photo by Krista Schumow of Krista Schumow Photography

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Motherhood and More said...

Thanks, P-Dids! I'm definitely feelin' the love here. :)

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