Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blogurday 3: City Kids Homeschooling

I am loving the ideas I have found on Kerry McDonald's blog, City Kids Homeschooling.  Homeschooling in Boston, Kerry takes full advantage of her metropolitan surroundings.  Homeschooling during a rigid winter, she also comes up with creative ideas to keep everyone happy.

It is interesting that I am drawn to Kerry's blog as her children, newborn and 3 or 4, are much younger than mine.  Still, a lot of her ideas can be easily translated for older children -- like her indoor beach party to beat the winter blahs or her indoor snow play.  Though we did both of these when the kids were much younger, I am reminded that they can still be done with older kids.  Indoor beach party could simply be an older kids' party, complete with a picnic on the floor, and trays of sand for building whatever suits their fancy.

Eggplant made a Lego pyramid today.  Maybe he'd like to gather some sand from the beach and see what sorts of bricks he might make with it?  Eggplant is interested in color theory and how they dyed fabrics and painted pottery thousands of years ago.  Perhaps she would like to figure out how to dye bowls of sand or snow using only what we have around the house?  I am just throwing out ideas here.  My point is that City Kids Homeschooling reminds me of some of these great ideas.

Kerry also offers a myriad of examples of learning and fun experiences that one can easily find in a big city -- like how to get the most out of your local museums.

While City Kids Homeschooling seems to be just getting off the ground in terms of frequency of posts (and she only recently enabled comments), it is a worthwhile read -- particularly for those with younger children.

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