Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Reader Read a Reader

After two weeks of me pretending to be "Annabelle", a rather precocious, somewhat loud, verbose three year old, in order for Blueberry to read to me comfortably, she plopped herself into our bed tonight and read an entire chapter reader to HotNerd and me!  It was a miraculous thing for my child who despises evaluation of any kind --- even praise (sometimes, especially praise).

I think that "Annabelle" put Blueberry at ease and gave her some confidence.  However it happened, it was such a joy to listen to her read through an entire reader, all 212 pages (large print, a few lines per page) of it.  It truly is one of the great joys of parenthood to listen to your child read -- really read.

1 comment:

Motherhood and More said...

Yay, Blueberry! That is exciting stuff. :)

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