Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doctor Day, The Three Day Bifurcated Festival

Doctor Day, The Three Day Bifurcated Festival, ended last night.  We celebrated at an Irish pub.  It might have been the perfect day about which I previously pondered.

Doctor Day, The Three Day Bifurcated Festival, began, of course, last Monday, Valentine's Day.  Led by Blueberry, the future M.D., we passed out candy sticks with stickers that said "Happy Doctor Day" on one side and other tidbits on the other to doctors at the local hospital. I did feel a little sad for the non-doctor (sitting with a doctor) who was basically dissed.  But he seemed okay with it when Blueberry explained that the day was only for doctors.   At least five doctors told us they had no idea it was Doctor Day -- so we are wondering if this might catch on.

On Doctor Day, The Three Day Bifurcated Festival, Day 2, Blueberry happily drew blood from my finger to do a little experiment with her science tutor, Margaret PMS (pre-med student).

For the rest of the day, all of our food was heart-shaped.  Since it is very difficult, not too mention rather unappetizing, to create food shaped like the heart organ, I convinced Blueberry to go with, as she calls it, the "art heart".

Yesterday, 8 days after the first day, was the final day of Doctor Day, The Three Day Bifurcated Festival.  We started the day with a cheerful visit to the International Museum of Surgical Sciences (yes, there really is one of those).  It is a small museum so the visit was short, but Blueberry was particularly taken by the antique surgical instruments and paintings of early surgical procedures.  The children each chose a different stuffed cell from the gift shop at the end of our visit.  Blueberry chose a red blood cell (well, actually, she got two), Eggplant chose a white blood cell, and Rhubarb chose a flu germ.

The deal we made with Eggplant and Rhubarb was that they would be supportive of Blueberry's desire to go to the IMSS (meaning no vomiting noises) and we would follow it up with a trip to the Planetarium (can we give a huge shout-out to Chicago museum free days?!).  To be perfectly honest, this is the first museum I have visited with the kids in which I just had no interest whatsoever.  Still, they enjoyed it immensely and I enjoyed watching them.

Having nothing whatsoever to do with doctors, we stopped by a fantastic Chicago yarn store on the way home and then celebrated the day over dinner.

And then we came home and everyone went to bed, not a melt-down or whiny moment in sight.

Sigh.  Smile.  Sigh.

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Motherhood and More said...

Sounds like fun! Love that Rhubarb got a flu germ. Very appropriate. We bought two of those red heart plates at Target after V-day, too. :)

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