Friday, February 18, 2011

Can't We All Just Get Along?

We have a homeschool gym every Thursday during the colder months (we meet at beaches and parks during the summer).  The people at the Parks and Rec., where we hold the gym, don't seem to like us.  Though we pay for the space TWICE, once at each event and once with our taxes, and use it during the day, when it is otherwise empty, they just don't embrace us with any amount of sunshine.

This is such a bizarre phenomenon to me.  We are respectful of the gym.  We do not ask for anything beyond what is typically offered at a gym time.  We parents are all present, covering supervision.  We clean up after ourselves.

Why?  Why don't they like us?  Why do they create some sort of argument every time we try and plan a class in their space?  Why do they put away certain equipment when we arrive, frequently leaving us with just mats and yellow plastic squares with wheels on them?  Why do they bark at our children?

This is not the first time we have faced unusual tension from an organization or an individual just because we homeschool.  Once, I was sitting on the beach minding my own business and a lady I did not recognize came over to me.  She quipped, "Your kids are playing with mine.  They told me you homeschool."  From there, she proceeded to perform a verbal colonoscopy on my entire life.  Her arguments escalated into irony when she criticized my kids' ability to socialize, my kids who were at that moment playing with her kids.  In the end, I learned that she was a teacher from out of town visiting her parents.  She had no connection with the local schools, but still felt the need to tell me how much our lifestyle was a threat to her personally.

It's sort of like yelling at a cat owner because clearly they are rejecting dogs.  Or keying someone's sedan because surely their choice to buy a sedan is a direct criticism of mini-vans.

Our choice to homeschool is the choice that is best for our family at this time.  That's all.

Now then, Parks and Rec., would you please leave out the merry-go-round when we come to gym?
Making grapejuice from sour grapes, the kids
use the mats to build a variety of structures.


Sarah said...

We have actually had that same problem with a Gym we were going to last year! They put everything away except basketballs when we got there, and though it was separated and NO ONE was on the toddler (we always gave things back when the class or other came) they wouldn't let us play with any of it. They glared at us when they came around and did a sweep of place. We stopped going there partially for that reason, it was like they didn't want us there even though we paid and were responsible and respectful! Makes NO sense.

Maria said...

I am happy that Kentucky is very homeschool friendly. Many places have homeschool days. We have even been told that they like us because homeschool kids are more respectful (I am not knocking ps kids that was just a statement made to me). Most of my issues stem from when I bring one of them out with me to the store in the middle of the day. I get the "shouldn't he/she be in school?" I used to have a smarty pants answer but I found if I just answer, "oh he/she is in school." It never goes beyond that. I agree, to each his own and everyone should just get along.

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