Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blogurday 1: Here in the Bonny Glen

I am going to start taking a little time on Saturdays to peruse other homeschooling blogs and articles of interest with the intention of introducing a new one on my blog each week.

To start, I'd like to introduce you to Here in the Bonny Glen.  A few years ago, when Rhubarb and I led a Little House on the Prairie Club, I read through most of the prequels to the Little House series.  I was hooked.  At the same time, I was trying to define what sort of homeschoolers we are.  I happened upon a great blog about Tidal Homeschooling, a definition with which I could resonate, and noticed that the author's name seemed very familiar -- and that she had a lot of stuff on her blog about the Little House prequels.  Well, a bit more investigation revealed that indeed the author of the blog and the author of the Little House prequels are one and the same: Melissa Wiley.

It's only natural that, having enjoyed her fiction so much, I would also enjoy her musings on homeschooling.  Now, how it is that Melissa can actually churn out such fantastic fiction while maintaining a helpful and entertaining blog AND raising and homeschooling her children, I just do not know.  She inspires me, but only when she is not exhausting me.

Anyway, I highly recommend both Melissa's fantastic historical fiction novels and her blog.

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