Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bizarre Foods: Lessons in Geography

Run, don't walk, to your television and find The Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods to add to your DVR or TIVO (or, if you are like me and LWC -- Living Without Cable --  add it to your instant queue on Netflix).

This little treasure trove of culinary tidbits, like bull penis in Tokyo** (I totally included that example purely for the shock of it) and crickets pretty much everywhere except North America and Europe, will gross you and your family out while taking you on a virtual trip around the world.

Andrew Zimmern travels around the world sampling local foods.  Along the way, he merrily offers his viewers spectacular vistas, cultural sketches, and an introduction to the way the world cultivates and prepares its food.

Our family snuggles up on the couch about once a week to enjoy a Bizarre Foods marathon.  The show has inspired my kids to try foods that they would not have normally tried.  This is pretty impressive considering that my kids are fantastic eaters anyway (unless you count Rhubarb's aversion to breakfast foods).  Recently, while celebrating HotNerd's birthday at our favorite local pan-Asian restaurant (owned by neighbors from our building), Eggplant asked to try some octopus (having seen Andrew Zimmern try some somewhere in Asia).  The other patrons in the restaurant, as well as the staff, watched in anticipation as each of the kids took a meaty portion of octopus into their chop sticks.  When they actually ate the octopus, applause ensued.  The fact that none of them liked it (or that I could barely stomach watching them) did not matter.  They were adventurous enough to at least try it.

Really, it's a funny choice of programming considering that I am a vegetarian and that we have a punch-buggy type game going every time Zimmern actually eats a vegetable (which is not often -- he's pretty carnivorous).  Still, we are learning so much about remote parts of the world that we will most likely not be visiting any time soon.  And even some parts of the world we visit regularly, like Minnesota, where HotNerd's family lives.

**Be aware that should you watch the Tokyo episode, there is also a condom restaurant and you will have to explain to your six year old what exactly a condom is.  And she will then ask why anyone would need a condom.  And then you will have to spill it all (pun intended).

Rhubarb tries a little raw octopus.

Eggplant was only slightly more impressed
with the octopus.


Motherhood and More said...

Um, what exactly is a condom restaurant?

LakeMom said...

It is a restaurant trying to educate its patrons about STD's. Nice combination, huh?

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