Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Scowl

Circle Time was brought to us today by a ferocious scowl. And I DO mean ferocious. The purveyor of said scowl has
had this particular expression pocketed pretty much her whole life. She usually reserves it for appropriately
deserving moments, like when someone passes gas in the highly heated car in winter. Today, it was prompted by her
sister wanting to pass out the drums.

See now, this is the thing about the kids growing up. More often than not these days, I am stunned at how grown up
they seem. One day this summer Rhubarb and I went for a walk. About half way into the walk, I realized that the
person with whom I was discussing Afghani politics and Islamic traditions was my ten year old daughter and not my
best girlfriend. She is so grown up sometimes.

Then, she spends a good 30 minutes frowning because it was someone else's turn to pass out the drums and I remember
that they are all still children -- with so much to learn and so much play time required. So, later, to blow off the
sour face, we played in the snow for a good hour. The kids pretended they were stranded and needed to build a
shelter and forage for food. Luckily, old man winter has coaxed several gigantic logs onto our shore so they had
plenty of materials. We, of course, followed this with the obligatory hot chocolate and all frowns are ancient

For your viewing pleasure, with her permission, here is a version of said frown circa 2 years old.

The scowl is all in the eyes.

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