Thursday, November 11, 2010


This homeschooling thing really is about flux. One must be comfortable with loads and loads of flux. I’m really not sure I am.

Regardless, I have little choice in the matter for these little minds that surround me keep changing things up. As they immerse themselves in their interests, they find new and exciting elements to explore more deeply. That which seems helpful and interesting one week can get swept under the rug in an instant the next. Likewise, that which is eschewed one week can be whole-heartedly embraced the next. My challenge is to figure out where each of their brains lie in any given moment.

To add a bit of hair to the brew, our homeschooling community is also in a continuous state of flux. Classes come and go; teachers rotate; activities thrive and then fizzle. I suppose this is a rather organic result of the aforementioned brains and their ever-changing patterns.

Lately, though, I notice that our local homeschool groups are also experiencing some migration. Older kids are slowly aging out, taking on the world, so to speak -- literally. Some of the teens in our group are traveling near and far; others have gone off to college; still others, including our favorite babysitting teen, have started taking college classes early. Off they go.

Meanwhile, those of us with younger children are certainly feeling the hole they leave behind. At the same time, we are coming into our own and seeking new pathways for our journeys.

And all of this means CHANGE! Change. Flux. Lots and lots of flux.

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