Sunday, November 28, 2010


May I just say how much I LOVE bedtime these days. And it’s not because the kids are going to bed and HotNerd and I get some time alone. Actually, it’s the opposite. It’s the time of the day when we, as a family, settle into calm, quiet activities together.

Before I go on, I should express how much we deserve an easy bedtime.
We have had seven years of stressful bedtimes (a very biblical number and, in this case, appropriately so, as our bedtimes maintained a difficulty level of biblical proportions). When Rhubarb and Eggplant first came home, they were so shaken by such a huge life change that they literally fell asleep ON us every night, with Rhubarb frequently crying or screaming. Then I was pregnant; then nursing through the night; then the years of thirsty children, children needing to pee, children with nightmares, all-night vomiting, children needing 7 renditions of the same book, excuses, more excuses, refusal to sleep in their own beds, etc. etc. etc. I won’t even go into detail about the child with whom I had to lie down until the room was filled with zzzzzzzzz’s.

Nowadays, at least lately, our bedtimes look like this: Either HotNerd or I (or sometimes Rhubarb) reads a book or two to Blueberry. HotNerd then plays a game with her or she plays a bit with her siblings and then HotNerd tucks her in (he still hangs out with her until she falls asleep, but this literally takes 5 minutes). Meanwhile, Rhubarb either reads to herself or knits until she tires of it and switches to the one of those two not originally chosen. While she is doing her reading, Eggplant typically does some programming on the computer. While Rhubarb knits, I knit as well and Eggplant reads aloud to us. Sometimes, Rhubarb and Eggplant will then play a little chess before heading off to bed, but more often than not, Rhubarb will go to her bed and do a few math worksheets (which she finds relaxing) and Eggplant will go build things in his room (sometimes with HotNerd) until he is tired enough to read for a bit in bed before falling asleep.

And THEN HotNerd and I get time to ourselves.

Isn’t that beautiful?
Blueberry and Eggplant play dentist on
Eggplant's makeshift dental chair before bed.

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