Saturday, September 25, 2010


Blueberry is 6 this year. My other two were not all that interested in academic classes at 6, but Blueberry is.

Last spring we attended a presentation by students from a local homeschool co-op. There was an extremely bright young teenage boy who had taught an ethology class. Blueberry was hooked -- both by the class and the teacher (who seems to speak her language). He announced then that he would be teaching a class on the science of the Great Lakes in the fall. This prompted Blueberry to beg us to sign up for the co-op. So we did. Besides taking the Great Lakes class, Blueberry is also taking a hands-on art class at the co-op. Today was the first day of the co-op and Blueberry could not have been happier. She LOVED both classes and spewed forth facts about the ecology of the Great Lakes at dinner.

In planning for fall, Blueberry also requested a pre-med science tutor. She wanted a pre-med student (she was very specific about this part) to come to the house and teach her science. Said tutor, quelled from our local university with the help of a friend who is a science professor there, starts next week. She holds the added distinction of working in the lab at the tallest hospital in the western hemisphere (a fact Blueberry pointed out to her) and has said she will consider taking Blueberry on a field trip to her lab. This might cause Blueberry's brain to explode with the sheer joy of it. They will begin with plant biology and then move on to human biology once the tutoring sessions commence.

Finally, Blueberry has started violin AGAIN -- for the third time. She tried piano last year, but decided she preferred violin. Though she had 2 false starts on the violin -- both squashed by her inability to look the violin teacher, whom she has known for 6 years -- in the eyes (Shy!), it seems to have taken this time around. She has had several lessons now and is thoroughly enjoying them. And I am pretty sure she is not getting nervous hives during the lessons this time around.

HotNerd does a little math with Blueberry on weekday mornings, before he goes to work. Since her brain is more similar to his with regards to math and science, this pairing works nicely. I am working with her on reading/writing. She really is reading well and, besides reference books, just LOVES to read "Family Fun" Magazine. You just never know what they'll choose upon which to cut their reading teeth. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to teaching kids to read by the way. This is a nice feeling.

And Blueberry.

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