Friday, July 23, 2010

One Time, At Band Camp...

Next week we will venture into an activity that I honestly never thought we would do. Summer Camp.

Why, one might wonder, have I never considered it? Well, there are a few reasons.

First and foremost, we live on a beach. There really is little need for organized summer activities of any sort when one lives on the beach. Technically, our front yard contains everything that anyone could ever want at a summer camp -- even a little peace and quiet for the parents (as we sit and read while the kids play).

Secondly, I really do like spending time with my kids and I enjoy our little family unit being together. I want to hang onto this as long as we can, as I am sure those teenage years will yield different results. The thought of sending any of my children away during the day for two weeks actually makes me sad. As we just learned that we can definitively manage this particular camp yesterday, I could not sleep at all last night, thinking about one of my children being away during the day for two whole weeks.

Finally, on a less substantial note, as homeschoolers, we rarely have to be anywhere early in the morning, nor have I ever had to pack a daily lunch for any of our children. Nor do I have I ever had to drop off and pick up my children anywhere for several days in a row. I am NOT looking forward to that part at all!

Having said all that, my eldest will be attending a violin camp about which SHE is really excited. It comes highly recommended by musicians we respect, it is multi-cultural and non-competitive, and there are electives she can choose in some other areas of performance she enjoys -- like drumming and singing.

Yeah for her!

Planning something like this feels like the beginning of many more transitions as my children get older. Will she want to do another camp next year? Will her siblings follow suit? Will this spur us into a new phase of our homeschooling life?

Or maybe it will just be a fun couple of weeks for her and lonely ones for us.

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