Monday, May 3, 2010


My eldest turns 10 this month. When she and her brother have their birthdays, I am overcome by gratitude and sadness. That our lives have been so enriched by someone else's loss is especially poignant as we celebrate the lives of our children. A child should be able to celebrate their birth with the woman who gave it to them. Our children cannot do that and, at some level, that must hurt.

While my daughter celebrates each year, I think of her birth mother, a tiny woman, no bigger than she is now. When I last saw her, she begged me to love her children and to teach them to read. The basics.

This week, I dream of all the women that have been a part of my burgeoning little woman. I consider the ancestors who gave her strength and courage. This week, as a family, we will pray for those ancestors and for relatives who are living, both in Haiti and in the diaspora.

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