Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Little Doctor

Have I mentioned Blueberry''s obsession with all things medical? She is rather obsessed with the idea of being a doctor and has been since she was about 3 years old.

A few quotes and anecdotes:

  • Blueberry: "Did you know that blood is red blood cells mixed with water?"
  • Blueberry (In car, behind a truck spewing smoke): "That kind of pollution can cause asthma."
  • Lately, Blueberry has been requesting the stories of my various accidents, those that landed me in the hospital, and stories about when I volunteered at a medical clinic in Tijuana, Mexico -- for relaxing bedtime stories.
  • Blueberry, October 2009 (At ER with Eggplant, speaking to nurse):" I am going to be a doctor."
    • Nurse: "Or you could be a nurse."
    • Blueberry (after slight pause): "OR, I could be a DOCTOR!"
  • Upon returning from ER, I told her to wash her hands. She asked why.
    • Me: "Because hospitals are filthy."
    • Blueberry (screaming) "Hospitals are not filthy! Take it back! Take it back!"
    • She then mumbled all the way down the hall about it.
  • Eggplant and Rhubarb criticized a Leonardo DaVinci painting and she became very angry, yelling, "Take it back!!!" DaVinci is her hero for the advances he made in anatomy.
  • Blueberry: "Mamma, since when I am 6, I am going to go to Medical school, can you please ask a doctor if I can follow hem around and learn everything they do?"
  • Lately, she has been using the word "Hypothesis" rather liberally.
  • Me: "Blueberry, stop growing."
    • Blueberry: "Mamma, if I stop growing, I won't be able to grow up and be a doctor."

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