Monday, November 30, 2009

My Funny Man

I am not sure the last time I laughed so hard. First, when reading to Eggplant we played a game we occasionally like to play while reading where he chooses a word that is repeated throughout the book and then tells me which word to use instead. This time, as per usual, the word I was to use was FART and I was replacing the word DANCE in a frilly girly book.
Seriously -- try this sometime.
The girls all stood in a line and farted.  After the first fart ended, the girls all bowed before farting again.  The audience clapped for every fart.  Some of the parents were even farting in their seats.
C'mon!  That's fantastic!

Tonight, it led to Egglant making all kinds of faces while walking down the hall to bed. He then hiked up his pants as far as they could go and...well, "farted" in the hall.


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