Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Blueberry, on us leaving for a date:"I just want to be with my favorite person!"
HotNerd: "We'll be home soon."
Blueberry (to HotNerd): "You're not my favorite person!"

The sad conclusion to this conversation was when she cried, "I'm the stupidest because I just don't want you to leave." I managed to talk her down from the ledge when she begged me to put her to bed before I left. After that, she came out, made peace with the babysitter, and all was right with the night.

P.S. We can thank lovely Arthur, the PBS show, for Blueberry's self-reference as "stupid". Kill your T.V.
Blueberry desires a birthday musical in which the queen and king and family are run over by a wicked witch (a male). The queen manages to drive the ambulance carriage to the hospital.
On March 25: Blueberry spelled our last name for the first time, no easy feat with our last name.
Blueberry, over breakfast in a very serious tone: "I'm only going to be a horse-back rider on Mondays. When it's not Monday I am going to be a doctor at the hospital."
Eggplant, the apparently unsocialized, if you ask critics of homeschooling, asked his new Sunday School friend for his phone number (he also had to request his name) yesterday. Around 5:00 yesterday, Eggplant came out of his room with the phone and said, "Here Mamma, Pete says we can have a playdate. Do you need to talk to his mom to set up the time?" Yes, actually, I do. So, Pete's secretary and I arranged the final details, but the planning of this playdate was all Eggplant... the poorly socialized dope of a homeschooler who doesn't know how to relate to people because of all the isolation (according to Joy Behar anyway).
Me: "Blueberry, do you have something to bring to church to keep you occupied if you get bored?"
Blueberry: "Of course I do! I am going to pretend to cut up bodies."
Eggplant has presented me with a book he created depicting the various vehicles utilized by the Easter Bunny to deliver eggs -- including a speed boat.
As the kids are playing the body game, I hear screaming. Apparently Blueberry has been asked to give up her brain piece for some reason. "I don't want to give you my brain because I LIKE brains!"
Proving that a stay-at-home-mom can indeed raise feminist children, Blueberry proclaimed, "I'm not going to let my husband have a job because I need him to keep care of the kids while I go out and help people."
Finally, Rhubarb, the child I stressed over for a long time because she was not reading at whatever arbitrary reading level schools say she should have been reading at back then, downed 2 chapter books (Tarzan and Peter Pan), an entire kids magazine (Brilliant Star), and several smaller books today. She is lying in bed reading another chapter book right now. She is a reading fiend. She cannot get enough of it and is even willing to risk car sickness to read wherever she can. Her brother can thank her for my lack of evaluation of his reading level. He too spends a lot of time with his nose in a book (though he has yet to walk down the street reading, as Rhubarb did today).

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