Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Learning

This weekend Eggplant built a rather sophisticated series of bridges and ramps, poured through several books about cars, reading the parts that interested him, and then wrote and bound a book -- a cute story about a new car. He also made pancakes.

Rhubarb read several books, practiced violin, made a God's Eye (out of yarn), practiced drawing realistic body parts from an anatomy art book and drew several nudes, and guided Blueberry through several science experiments.

Blueberry also practiced drawing realistic body parts from the anatomy book, checked out several new science books from the library and, with Rhubarb's help, did a variety of science experiments.

None of this was assigned (We don't push violin on weekends unless a performance is looming). All of these projects were chosen by the kids. On the weekend. All of these projects brought the kids joy.

It is truly amazing to see how much joy the kids get from learning.

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