Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Shy People Learn

Blueberry read an entire poem in her reading book today, about 30 words. All by herself.
How cool is that?

Apparently, to her, it's not so cool. While reading them, she was very much in the moment. Just after finishing, she looked at me and saw my huge smile... and panicked. I said, "Blueberry, can I tell you how impressed I am with your reading?" Suddenly aware that her successful reading had placed a spotlight over her head, she snatched up the book, ran to where we keep it, and stuffed it back in the folder. She then turned around and informed me that in fact I could not tell her how impressed I was and that reading was hereby over.

Imagine if the poor child had been asked by a teacher to read aloud to an entire classroom, rather than having decided to read aloud just to read.

It is indeed an odd thing for me. I LOVED to read aloud in class. When it was time to read aloud, I would literally get butterflies in my stomach in joyful anticipation of being chosen to read.

Alas, this is not so for my shy little one. And I have to figure out how to best educate her.

Later in the evening:

Blueberry spent the entirety of dinner describing to us the BIG day she wants us to plan: DOCTOR DAY! Her plans include the following:

  • A doctor will come to the house to talk to all little girls who want to be doctors.
  • We'll have a surgery cake and use strawbery ice cream or strawberry jelly for the blood.
  • We will play games like "Find the kidney", using kidney beans.
  • There will be copious amounts of food with ketchup on them, to symbolize blood.
  • We will dress up like doctors and go trick-or-treating using bags made from hospital gowns.

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