Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doctor Day, Take II, the 3 Day Festival

After my utter failure as the parent of child with a physician-fetish, I have hereby redeemed myself. Doctor Day, Take II, the 3 Day Festival, beginning last Thursday and ending on Valentine's Day, was a huge success. First, there were these lovely heart pancakes with a red blood cell sauce and white blood cell topping:

HotNerd actually deserves the credit here. He made them. This is what the kids ate for the kick-off of Doctor Day, Take II, the 3 Day Festival.

And, of course, there was this, created by Rhubarb at Blueberry's request:

It still hangs over the girls' bedroom door, an homage to all that is medical.

Then, Eggplant, once she overcame her deeply painful moment of shyness by clutching to me and demanding that I begin the schpeel, led our homeschool co-op in Doctor Day activities:

Then, of course, there were these:

These little babies are supposed to be shaped like the heart in the body ("NOT the art-heart", as I was commanded), with cherries for the red blood cells, chocolate frosting for the infection and marshmallows for the white blood cells (all by her request).

On Valentine's Day, the final day of Doctor Day, Take II, the 3 Day Festival, we started the morning with these:

We had this with our lunch:

We had this for dessert:

Then, despite the fact that Doctor Day, Take II, the 3 Day Festival technically ended Saturday, we went to the Museum of Surgical Sciences today. My favorite Blueberry quote? "Eggplant, come look! It's cool and disgusting, but I still like it!" Upon returning home, she exclaimed, "Mamma, please can we go back to the Museum of Surgical Sciences over and over again? I really like that place."

For your enjoyment and the sake of posterity, I give you the Museum of Surgical Sciences...

This is an iron lung from the days of Polio in the U.S.:

This is Blueberry and her new buddy:

Here is Blueberry at the foot of Hippocrates:

Blueberry at the foot of Louis Pasteur:

Blueberry enjoying the brain display:

Blueberry showing Eggplant some old surgical instruments:

Lunch outside of the museum, though Eggplant and I didn't have much of an appetite by then:

And finally, Blueberry's reaction at dinner when Rhubarb asked her to stop talking about brains and such...
Rhubarb: "Blueberry can you please stop saying brain and surgery? It's gross."
Blueberry (vehemently): "Is the word water gross? Is the word Mamma gross?"

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