Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doctor Day, Take II, the 2 Day Festival

I have failed my youngest child. Apparently, Doctor Day did not live up to her expectations. Mostly this is because she just sprung Doctor Day on me two days ago and so I had no time to prepare. It's also partly because I didn't do anything for Doctor Day. After dinner tonight, she wept -- WEPT -- for a good 20 minutes, letting me know all the ways in which Doctor Day had been a failure: there were no doctor games, there was no food resembling surgery or blood, there were no Doctor Day signs, no one came to Doctor Day. Try and talk a child down from that kind of a ledge. I empathized with her for quite a while. This was hard. The child was literally weeping, tears streaming down her face.

We formulated a new plan.

Doctor Day is now going to be a 2 day celebration beginning this Friday and culminating in a Valentine's Day/Doctor Day celebration on Saturday. We will make heart-shaped cupcakes to bring to OWL (Our homeschool co-op). This was a bit of a tough sell as she kept telling me she wanted them to be shaped like the heart inside the body. I convinced her we could compromise by making them art-heart shaped, but putting both red AND white on top to cover both red and white blood cells.

I am not making this stuff up.

She then sprung to action and my 4 year old started directing her (thankfully) willing brother and sister to do their parts.  Rhubarb made the Doctor Day sign and Eggplant made some money and coins, which will apparently be used to pay to play the surgery games. He also, I believe, made a surgery game.

Really, the whole thing was unbelievable -- from Blueberry's dramatic display of disappointment to the way she started ordering her siblings around, getting them to prepare for Doctor Day.

Now I just have to convince the other OWL moms to let us include some Doctor Day festivities into our regularly scheduled lessons on Jamaica.

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