Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Year

We are trying something a little new for the new year.

Each weekend I will print out some daily work for the kids, work that they need to practice (like rote arithmetic, spelling, handwriting etc.), to do first thing in the morning. I will place it in a folder for them to access and they can do it on their own time each morning. They like this plan because the little freaks enjoy doing worksheets and such -- as long as they are not just busy work. Along with that, I will plan out a topic of the week that we can all work on together, based upon both their interests and age-appropriate topics. This week, for example, we are studying the planets. Though we have studied them before, we are going a bit more in depth this week. In fact, we just ate Mercury's core (a clementine), though we don't plan on eating the earth because it is too sour (a lime). The sun, a lemon, might go into our lunch waters, though.

We will also sprinkle in all of our other topic and electives: violin, daily reading,, karate, gym-time, music, Latin, Kreyol, etc.

Ah yes -- Latin. There's a place I never thought I would go. Blueberry really does have an affinity for languages. When she hears a word, she practices it until she memorizes it. She has done this since she was just a baby and would lie in bed reciting all the words she'd learned that day. Now she does it with her favorite medical terms and words from other languages. So, when I mentioned that Latin is the basis for several languages and that doctors benefit from knowing Latin, she and Rhubarb, who occasionally talks about being a doctor, both jumped at the idea. Therefore, a simple Latin curriculum (Song School Latin) is on its way.
Song School Latin

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